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Digital e-Book about Kabbalistic initiation to the Tarot - The book has 213 pages and the first 25 are free! The Major Arcana of the Tarot are Keywords or Archetypes that connect us directly with the Higher Unconscious, found in the subtle levels of the Dimension that correspond to "The Pathways of Etz Ha Chaim or The Tree of Life." The latter is a Symbol that represents the Spirit of God in Man and the Universe. The Tree of Life may compare to the Divine Atom, which repeats itself infinitely to form the Great Christic Veil that envelops the Celestial Universe like a Mantle of Light, Universal Creation of God the Father. The aforementioned Pathways are Communication Channels that run between the 10 Spheres (Sephiroth) contained in The Tree of Life, interconnecting one another. The 22 Keywords of the Tarot together with the 22 Sacred Hebrew Letters which represent the Elohim or Gods Creators of the Universe, work in Archetypical form, within each of the 22 Pathways of the Tree, connecting us with the Doors to the Supernals, where the Divine Spirit is manifest in each Self. This is achieved by means of a Conscious and Specialized Effort, through which we attain Unity with "the Inner Christ," first in our own Hearts to later radiate it throughout the Earth. This is how we will contribute to the Reconstruction of "Eden or Paradise on Earth". This "Initiatory Work" consists of balancing "The Opposite Pairs" or the two Polarities, which exist from the very moment of the Creation of the Universe, when the Father polarized Himself into two Great Energies giving way to all of his Creation. These are the Masculine and Feminine Energies, which are also found in all Human Beings. The Perfect management of these two Forces leads to the Ascent of Energy up the Spinal Cord that corresponds to the "Center Pillar of the Tree of Life". This will happen once Man is prepared and ready for this transcendental process, being this, the final step towards "His Enlightenment".

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